Education for returning expats and internationals

Many children from internationals and expats go to an international school while being abroad. When they choose to finish their education with a Dutch mavo-, havo- or vwo-certificate, thorough and personal coaching is very important. At Infinity College we offer Dutch education with an international focus that compliments international education. Therefore, pupils could continue their studies supported by teachers and coaches who know their background en know what they need to achieve their potential.

Focus on intercultural perspective, global citizenship and multilingualism

We have noticed that The Netherlands demands high quality and affordable private education more and more. Specifically education in small groups with a focus on individual learning paths is highly demanded. We gladly respond to that by opening two new schools in The Hague and Eindhoven in 2021. Because of the international orientation of these cities, we are broadening our educational programme with an intercultural perspective. Adding up to the proven quality of our educational method, we are going to focus on global citizenship and mulitilingualism.

Just want to obtain specific certificates?

You went to an international school but you miss certain certificates to start the study you want in The Netherlands? Or aren’t your grades high enough for a particular study? No problem at all! At Infinity College you could follow the courses you need and get coached to just obtain the certificates or grades you need. This is possible for the levels mavo, havo and vwo. We help you to obtain your certificates by giving you extra attention and by helping you keeping the right focus. Obtaining the certificates you need is possible at our schools in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht and by the beginning of the following school year in Eindhoven and The Hague as well.

Unique certificate guarantee

Infinity College offers a unique certificate guarantee. We have no hesitations to guarantee this, because of our proven educational method and our high succes rate in earlier years. We are convinced that our approach leads to succes, in other words: your certificate(s). If you and your parents agree to our approach, we connect a certificate guarantee at no extra cost. So adding up to the already beneficial prices (up to 40% cheaper than other providers of private education) you also benefit from our unique certificate guarantee!

Questions? Do not hesitate to ask!